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VIDA Ministry, Inc.

(Located within Second Presbyterian Church)
210 NW Menninger Rd,
Topeka, KS 66617

VIDA means life- and the LIFE of our organization is its volunteers! Volunteering for VIDA is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience. Make a difference in hundreds of lives by simply sitting down and talking or contributing financially.  You do not have to speak Spanish.  Since we have students of all levels they will be glad to help interpret and maybe even help you to undust your Spanish.

Volunteers may participate in committees, assist in teaching or as conversation partners (on Wednesdays) in helping in the community garden, supervising the nursery or tutoring in the learning/homework center or in the computer lab. 
The days we need help are mainly Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Usually 6:30-8:00pm but days and times may vary according to the type of program.

Check out our programs and calendar for exact days and times and see how you might help.

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